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tv   [untitled]    January 28, 2015 8:30am-9:01am PST

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having furl discussion about the next steps and budgeted all the ways to you make sure we address those issues that we discussed tonight to in terms of the commissioner fewer and commissioner wynns that's the next step that looks like a 3 year plan that maybe short timeframe by along with instructor truit image we were going to set a date in march for the curriculum committee so that's the next steps and we'll make sure that everyone is aware when this conversation happens and welcome you to come there and be a part of that we meet on the first monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. and hopefully begin to put forward to address the issues i want to thank you and i'm also in support of cpr thing
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that's incredibly important but i look forward to continuing the conversation. >> thank you for a being here and all your work. >> i'd like to invest the student delegate. >> thank you. i want to thank you for being here i don't know those statistics first of all, the cpr class i'd like to support that it is important to know cpr whatever wherever you are tiled share any experience in health ed, i like my future but improve more on the curriculum i'm not naming names (laughter) but, yeah i really am thinking that health ed is important for every school level and especially like we have
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awareness center that can teach other problems like hiv and other diseases so i would also like the wellness center to those high school outreach workers they can present to elementary or middle schools to talk about what diseases there or we could implement a teacher so thank you. >> thank you superintendent carranza. >> that's just another example why i love student voice so thank you for your comments i want to thank the committee and kevin truit especially for their work as well i think for our community that is the react example for the index otherwise known as the waiver why that's
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so important we've elevated student and health and cult how we hold ourselves accountable i appreciate the honest in the presentation you don't know your challenges null i've identified them i sure the board san francisco unified school district has been recognized as a leader in physical education we're not about to lose the mantel we'll come back with a aggressive plan i lost my father at a very very young age due to fax he suffered from diabetes in my community as a latino male type 2 diabetes is important and
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knowing what we need to do as your preparing a healthy mind to prepare a healthy body that didn't happy over and over gastric it happenings hazard to happen as part of the organized educational program i'm very supportive or ramping up in terms of health that's a matter of social justice so the other things i'll say a few years ago i was serving as a principle of a high school it was rather a large high school $3,000 students as a principle with my walk i didn't talk i didn't when the fifth billion rank i got an emergency call they said student down i ran from the first up to the third-story and outside one
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of the classrooms was one of our students strawberry field on the floor he suffered a massive heartache what i remembered was in the midst of the chaos there have 4 individuals performing cpr and he was transformed those are four students were high school students that were part of the swim team trained on cpr with not for them he wouldn't have made to the hospital we talk about life and death not one teacher was trained but four students the call for cpr is not unharder thank you for your advocacy. >> commissioner walton.
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>> thank you for your presentation and your health education it is definitely important but made better decisions had we had more opportunities groping so a couple of questions as deemed in the presentation you talk about the lack of opportunity and our alternative to continuous schools so definitely don't look for an answer but how to make sure it happens at that level and the mid-markets middle schools in terms of the comprehensive health education is there anything about violence prevention or violence in the curriculum that is definitely a top topic. >> it's very prevalent in
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health education. >> any further comments before i want to make a few points thank you very much for this very informative presentation. >> thank you to the students that are taking the out are their busy school schedules to present their examples i was enthusiasticallyly supportive a few people know that the number one killer of women is not breast cancer but heart disease i want to make our students aware of the cpr i urge we speak as our health education that we explore the work of the public
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health department on adverse child experience every one of the dpw is being trained ordering on trauma care and hopefully partner with dpw i was at a two day conference we should be doing more to address i have a concern about sex ed in elementary school i heard it happened as significant grade girls are experiencing menstruation in third grade as someone that is a chap room there's also one girl that starts on the camping trip and they freak out and, in fact, in my daughters class we got a note to cancel the health education class because we are out of time
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that's not acceptable i hope we do this successful planning one thing we worked on in our council report that the city iowa's we looked at the challenges that lesbian girls face and while the state is enjoying a humane drop in teen pregnancy a spike in our lesbian girls which doesn't make sense but if you think about it they're so in the closet they feel they have to get pregnant to not be looked as lesbian i'm hoping we address those underserved community and i'm liking to disagree with commissioner wynns i think this demands money and demands a day i've been on this cac crusade
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we're asking people to do more we need additional time in the day i think we've heard from an educator about the perils of having a teacher for skiefgsz to deliver high quality education so it's the recommendation of our replenish citizens advisory committee and i'd like to see a budget so i'd like to formally move this agenda to not only curriculum but to budget this is an opportune time what it is going to cost not the whole cadillac plan but do long term planning on priorities in year one of an overall plan any further comment seeing none thank you very much for your presentation tonight (clapping) oh, - deputy instructor.
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>> tonight the clarifying question we're going to go to curriculum first get feedback on that and then cost it out and take time to come to budget after that i don't want the two to happen simultaneously we need time in between thank you. >> thank you very much we have now on item n consent calendar revolutions removed there are none tonight item o vote on the consent calendar this is moved and seconded under section f roll call vote please. thank you mr. chin commissioner fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton.
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>> yes except abstain on c-3. >> ms. wynns arrest planning department and dr. murase. >> item p. consent calendar resolution for immediate action there are none tonight and item q for the first reading 5 minutes will be given for public comment under this item let's see authorization to grant or in the alternative to grant the academy charter school and also authorization inform grant or an alternative to deny the petition for kip charter school let's see i need a month to month to refer to the budget and curriculum committee.
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>> so moved. >> second. >> thank you very much we have one person signed up for this item one minute. >> okay good evening commissioner president murase and commissioners superintendent carranza and district leadership team we're honored to be part of the school district and happen will be the work offer the last decade and sincerely not only when we're aligned in our goals but working on champs today, i'm excited to submit the renewals for the academy and the kip san francisco bay area academy we work through both the curriculum and budget committee in the coming weeks we looked forward to sharing the incredible performance from our students and based on the needs of the students and the transition to the common core i want to
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quickly highlight 3 areas first we continue to serve high needs students with 82 percent with reduced lunch for the families and students of color both schools have been recognized for the achievement award for the achievement gap and in addition i'm proud to report we continue to work on student retention 94 percent to engage and kind of make sure our students are staying with us we've invested in social and emotional elapsing we have a head of school that is over serging the sediment e demonstrated and making sure our teachers and students in our building have the tools to begin
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to transition and third as we r have transitioned to running e running special ed in house our improvements we attracted more families with students with special needs about 10 percent of our students another kip san francisco about 10 berries or percent of bay area academy and 16 percent are students with special needs we're proud of our counseled and psychiatrists are doing we're looking forward to more questions and looter look forward to our continual support in the bayview and the we were edition thanks so much. >> let's see the next item is r
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board members proposals for first reading in support of vision 2025 to line the programs and policies by the commissioner vice president haney i need a moved and seconded so so moved second and can i add a co-author i'd like to add commissioner president murase. >> thank you. the next proposal. >> commissioner president murase i don't know if you wanted to since you've discussed already the 2025 at the last committee i don't know what committee you minded this for the next committee to action so back to the - >> rec board. >> in support of the utility
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reduction by commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> this will be referred to the grounds and services committee on item f the board members recorded i'd like to ask my colleagues to indicate when you're next committee meeting will be. >> so let's see committee of the whole meeting mr. haney. >> so our next committee as a whole will be next tuesday which is february 3rd at 6:00 p.m. and we'll be discussing the safe and support of schools policy can we have a report from the school district. >> who's going to report.
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>> commissioner wynns. >> sure the select committee met one item on the agenda an update on the willie brown middle school and honestly the update was very much essentially the same with a little further update as the report we had at the committee of the whole meeting, however the update since that time was about the request for enrollment that is pro tem, in fact, 2 hundred and 16 i'm winging this in other words, more than the capacity of the grade which is 2 hundred and more than one hundred and 60 of them one hundred and 50 of them were first choices that's really encouraging and just for
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information for the board the good news is that some of those were the result of the walking we did in the neighborhood and got some people to apply, in fact we've got some to apply and make it their first choice maybe good for us but not good for willie brown i want to thank the staff for the green go presentation and informed the select committee of the supervisors were interested this was the last meeting for supervisor avalos and supervisor campos and supervisor yee will be joining the committee. >> if i may add a wonderful part of the presentation was that we did get a majority of students from 90124 and 34 and
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very, very racially diverse. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell do you want to add anything. >> i want to excuse the delegate. >> business services committee kwh when is the next meeting. >> i'm macarthur park that the meeting schedule for february 4th has been cancelled the next meeting of the budget and the services will be march 4 at 6:00 p.m. and the ad hoc committee on student assignments is meeting on february 5th as a thursday evening at 6 o'clock. >> building and grounds and service committee i have one appointment to that. >> i forgot one thing the middle school championship win
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today. >> i'm appointing commissioner walton when will the next meeting be? >> so buildings and groups is originally schedule for the third week in the third monday of the month the 16th tech is a national holiday the worse moving to friday so debbie we need to fought if we're going to do it the 23rd if there are no other committee meetings on the 23rd if you'll check for me that will be great. >> curriculum and program committee. >> yes 0 sour next curriculum committee meeting on february 2nd a monday at
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6 o'clock p.m. and this is ground hog day we may have it on multiple times ground hog (laughter). >> and the legislation committee the rules. >> it meets tomorrow january 28th but i'll try to align it with our advocates and also so it will be closer to the end of the month when the perspective proposals are due so we will have the knowledge of what is developing in sacramento we also have one thing the meeting is going to start at 6:30 even though it is noticed for 6 o'clock commissioner norton and commissioner president murase and ourself are
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not available until 6:30 even though it's a late notice we'll serve the notice for the public and ms. casco inform the staff so they'll not have to sit around before we begin and the last thing i wanted to say we are for the one we have two items on the agenda the update on legislation this is the gossiping of our annual process of legislation so all the members of the board have encouraged to come watch for the list of bills, etc. so you can be in on the committee and the second thing we're going to discuss the process for the appointment ever our representative to the elections committee sow we've received four applicants; is that right?
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3 and so we'll be discussing the process the way the process is the committee will be interviewing the applicants at the next meetings or the next if we decide we may need a special meeting and if anyone want to comment on the process tomorrow night and they'll met ad hoc committee on february '57 and not a meeting an city college joint meeting that concludes the standing committees and the organizations he thought to notwithstanding commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell for her service for the committee schools and for sbca the commissioners will be mr. haney and myself any other nominates
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by board members. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you. i want to announce it is that time of the year to nominate your farther and best teacher or principle of the year through the mayors teacher and principle of the year awards we encourage all of you to nominate an inspiring teacher ever or principle visit slash teacher award or principle ward and we're kirnl you to write an uplifting note about the positive defensive a teacher plaques and participating with the san francisco education funds sorry and the teacher today caption so this is at wwwthank a teacher
8:56 am i tomato thank the superintendent carranza the mayor fred blackwell for a successful summit for my brothers keeper we had quite a few a few representatives 5 of our 7 board members as much splinz and sxhument and stuffing and commissioner vice president haney and our instructor for all attending that was a great event and the monday prior we also took two hundred and 50 young people to see the movie thelma and had a conditional use authorization that was really great as well so i wanted to thank everyone that helped coordinate and get our young people out to watch an inspiring and hopefully challenging movie it was very emotional i think we
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all walked out with lessons learned and ideas to move forward that was a great event they're actually congressman that will be following up opportunity to meet congressman lewis and i want to thank sheryl davis to help bring those events together. >> commissioner fewer and commissioner wynns and commissioner vice president haney. >> i want to let you know that pier resources is having their festival it will think on at the polio club from 7 to 10:00 p.m. this is put on by the piers group and it is going to be a fun night having different
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stations including do it user user and significantly screening and t-shirts and if you want to get a ticket please remain standing please do to pier resources thank you very much. >> commissioner wynns and commissioner vice president haney. >> i want to say one thing we've been invited to an invite with congressman lewis with the same nights as the board of education maybe we should consider changing the meeting or time yeah. >> what day. >> on 17th of february that's the first one and second if i may doing this as a regional director for i'm also going doing it, it's about the appointment we've just made i
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actually the board needs to nominate you or appoint you the board of education needs to appointment you with our appointment we'll designating delegate to fill out this sketch you agree to service a delegate and urge you who are were not at the delegation assembly this is done by the spc a for every board member i'm i'm going to forward 80 this to you on line if you should commissioner norton or commissioner vice president haney i don't think you you were there if you would please fill this out this way the s bcs a can see what our involved with.
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>> commissioner vice president haney yeah. i wanted to shout out to sxhenz for her leadership ocher which selma film and my brothers keeper event and superintendent carranza rescued the house. >> again. >> gave an amazing speech everyone involved kevin truit was there and dr. valentine and you sfusd grauch ring with the harmonies of liberty; grandstanding will you please and sfusd showed up big time and showed a commitment i was blown away. >> congratulate commissioner vice president haney and commissioner walton thorough their. >> we tag teamed it was great so i both of those events were wonderful and then i wanted to put a plug in i know it was mentio


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